Origins: Dragon Ball (BoG)

Classification: Attendant and master of the Hakaishin (God of Destruction)

  • Refered to himself simple as a lifeform known as "Whis"

Threat level: Big bang

Physical strength: At least galaxy+ level striking strength (Considerably stronger than Beerus)

Destructive capacity: At least nigh universe (Considerably stronger than Beerus)

Durability: At least multi galaxy+, likely higher (Consideraby stronger than Beerus)

  • Akira Toriyama stated that if going numerically to portray there power, Whis would be a 15, Bills/Beerus a 10 and Goku aproximately a 6.

Speed: MFTLx (Can travel galactic lenghts in minutes timeframe, Beerus is only around 2/3rd's of his speed in travel. The difference in their combat speed might be even higher as Whis stated that the mastery over his movements and reactions is something not even Beerus has reached)

Intelligence: Very high. Martial arts master and attendant of Whis, whom has likely lived since the universes youth. One of the most knowledgeable, if not the most knowledgeable being in the 7th universe.

Stamina: High. Should be at least comparable to Beerus in this department.

Standard equipment: His staff (which has multiple uses including locking on and "teleporting" to a destination, although this is implied to be Whis own speed as he called it his speed and Beerus whom is weaker showed MFTL travel speeds close to those shown by Whis using his staff)

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