Vegeta SSJ4 Trans

Origins: Dragon Ball (anime)

Classification: Saiya-jin(Saiyan)

Threat level: Quasar+

Physical strength: At least star+ level striking strength

Destructive capacity: At least multi solar system+, likely much higher (Is a high tier in the Dragon Ball anime verse, which has beings which easily dwarf Vegito. Somewhat weaker than SSJ4 Goku.)

Durability: At least multi solar system+, likely much higher (Even stronger than Golden Ohzaru Baby Vegeta)

Speed: At least sub-relativistic+ travel, at least massively faster than light combat speed

Intelligence: Intelligence: High. Although degree of education is unknown, he is a battle genius, one of the biggest prodigies in the history of his warrior race. Second best warrior in the universe (not counting the deceased Shadow Dragons, nor the fusion Gogeta) just under Goku.

Stamina: High. Comparable to Goku's. Can train for days straight and has only been downed by injuries that severely impede his body.

Standard equipment: None. Although he needed Bulma to make a blutz wave machine to induce his transformation into SSJ4.

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