Origins: Doubutsu no Kuni

Classification: Human, Miracle child

Threat level: Wolf

  • It is worth noting this profile is of Tarouza alone. Tarouza in reality never fights alone and would be a much higher threat with any of the animals that he uses to fight as an older teen/young adult.

Physical strength: At least peak human (was raised in an eat or be eaten world filled with super animals)

Destructive capacity: At least street level+

Durability: At least building+ (Has taken assaults from super developed beasts)

Speed: At least faster than the eye can see+ reactions (Can direct beings who can deceive the eye with their speed)

Intelligence: Genius. Could talk when he was months old and is a genius leader, strategist and tactician capable of directing hordes of beings with different pros and cons to perform effective battle strategies.

Stamina: Extremely high. Could force his body to continue going despite commanding and feeling the pain and exhaustion of millions of different beings at the same time.

Standard equipment: A low frequency whistle which only felines can hear.