Saitama 1

Origins: OnePunch-Man

Classification: Human hero

Threat level: God

Physical strength: At least small planet+ level striking (Casually overwhelmed a blast intended to destroy the surface of the planet (just called planet destroying in the original version) and his punch still had enough force leftover to kill a planetary threat with its air pressure)

Destructive capacity: At least continent

Speed: At least relativistic (Even assuming his jump from the moon to the earth took 10 seconds it would mean he impulsed himself at least around mach 120,000)

Durability: At least small planet+

Intelligence: Average

Stamina: Above average. Never really been tested since he hasnt been involved in exhausting nor considerably damaging fights, but he has kept up his rhytm after fighting for decent periods of time.

Standard equipment: None except his hero outfit (including cape) which isn't really of any special utility in battle.

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