Generator Rex PR 02 © 2010 Cartoon Network

Origins: Generator Rex

Classification: Human. E.V.O. (Exponentially Variegated Organism) Providence Agent, Mutant.

Threat level: Demon+

Physical strength: Town+ striking (Just the shockwaves of his punch on an E.V.O could bust 4-6 city blocks in the very first episode, Has since become much stronger)

Destructive capacity: At least Town+ Higher in Omega E.V.O mode.

Durability: At least Town+ (Survived Escape velocity, Took real lightning to the face) Higher with shields. Immortality makes him more difficult to kill (If his heart is crushed or shut down his Nanites bring it back to life and regenerate it to a certain degree, It should also be noted that he is highly resistant to electricity. Immune to all types of poisons and diseases, immune to all types of gases, Can counter act knock out gas. Also has a resistant degree to /Mind attacks/ Making some durability bypassing techniques useless against him)

Speed: Faster than the eye can see normally. Supersonic+ with Rex Ride and Boogie Pack, Massively hypersonic+ reactions. (Lightning timer, Avoided a real lightning bolt while half awake, Consistently does feats such as flicking sniper bullets away, Punching back rockets and swinging on jets, Omega 1 Nanite provides further precognition)

Intelligence: Is rebellious and obnoxious, However is Academically gifted. Came from a family of Hispanic scientists, Scored perfect scores on Trigonometry tests which were said to be impossible to do, Can turn the tide of the battle in his favor, Is very manipulative and witty, Can adapt to the most harsh of situations. Very skilled acrobat and combatant.

Stamina: Very High. Can fight mutants for 24 hours straight, Is an endurance freak, Can continue fighting top tiers and god tiers with damaged insides.  

Standard equipment: Rex's Goggles, Providence equipment, Providence power suit.

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