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Character profile

Origins: <Specific series and/or franchise from where the being first appeared in.

Alias/Aka(also known as): <Any different names which the being goes by (This category is NOT considered a necessity at the moment)

Classification: <This field is for the denomination which can be provided for the being. Usually refers to species and special occupations.

Threat level: <A tier ranking system refering to how powerful a being is. For more specific info, read this page: Threat levels

Age: <Age of the being in question

Gender: <Sexual gender such as male, female, genderless, etc.

Powers and abilities: <A simple listing of special abilities that the character posseses (examples: super speed, super strength, enhanced senses, energy projection, flight/levitation, transformation, etc)

Physical strength: <Direct physical output of the being. There are mainly 2 relevant types of physical strength: striking (punching, kicking) and lifting (self explanatory), however at the moment this wikia "wall level striking, large building level striking, mountain level striking, planet level striking, galaxy level striking, etc.", similar to the dc and durability categories.

Destructive capacity: <Also known as attack potency, the amount of maximum power a being can provide under normal conditions with a single technique. (Example: Luffy's G4 King Kong Gun provides island level energy output, that would be his destructive capacity. Luffy's Giganto Thor Axe could also provide island level energy output however this technique requieres an external factor, not making it a normal condition and thus if mentioned in the profile should be noted what special conditions are requiered to perform the feat. Luffy can also do island level damage with Elephant Gatling, but thats a technique that requieres spamming till the desired result is achieved, so it should be noted it is a technique that requieres on large scale amount of attacks aka spamming)

Durability: <Amount of damage a character can take from a singular technique without being defeated. For the levels of destructive capacity and durability used in this wikia, read this page: Destructive capacity (and durability) levels

Speed: <Self explanatory, how fast the being is. There are 4 types of speed, so specification is appreciated, more info on this page: Speed

Intelligence: <Intellectual capacity of the being in question. Noteworthy showings of intelligence being mentioned are welcome, and specification of what specifically the being excels it (example: Goku and Luffy have borderline genius battle smarts, but arent fit for academic uses of intellect)

Stamina: <How long a being can resist in combat. This takes into account both amount of punishment he can take and amount of physical exhaustion due to prolonged effort.

Standard equipment: <Any tool/equipment the character uses frequently in combat

Noteworthy techniques and abilities

Self explanatory, under this section noteworthy techniques (including forms and equipments and their use) will be listed.

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