Origins: Murciélago

Classification: Human

Threat level: Wolf

Physical strength: Superhuman striking (Kuroko is very strong for a female of such a slender frame, she kicked an adult male a couple meters back and sliced off the hand of a thug with a ordinary knife provided to eat your meal at a restaurant)

Destructive capacity: At least street level

Durability: Peak human

Speed: Peak human, has a sort of precognition against danger which gives her superhuman reactions

Intelligence: Very high. Although her attitude doesnt usually show it, Kuroko is an extremely gifted person intellectually, likely being a genius. She is also a prodigy at assassination having comited over 700 murders, currently employed by the goverment in a mercenary like line of work and thus obviously an experienced fighter.

Stamina: High

Standard equipment: Double guns. also tends to carry objects of use in daily life between her rack in somewhat of a toonforce fashion since any random thing can come out of there even if its as big as her entire chest