Origins: Assassination Classroom

Classification: Hitman, Mutant

Threat level: Demon, potentially God (It is confirmed he did not actually destroy the Moon, but he will however grow unstable and cause an anti-matter explosion which would take out at least most of the Earth)

Physical strength: Human (hes been officially stated to have weak punches, but showings regarding this are inconsistent)

  • However he should be capable of exerting much more force if crashing against an opponent since his flight follows real world physics and thus drag mass (speed+weight=force)

Destructive capacity: Large building, potentially planet (although that amount of destruction is out of his control)

Durability: Normally is at least building, at least city+ while in ultimate defense mode, likely higher

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Exactly mach 20, unknown if he can reach higher since he can reach out into space which would requiere mach 28 speeds to escape the earth's gravitational pull, since this is never adressed in-series it might just be an inconsistency on the authors part)

Intelligence: Genius. Extremely high intellectual capacity, shown to be able to apply his intellect usefully in combat. Was the most skilled hitman in the world before he became the being known as KoroSensei, manipulated a genius scientist into making the experiments on his body go as "KoroSensei" wanted despite KoroSensei being captive.

Stamina: High. Has never been shown noteworthy exhaustion despite having being subsmitted to constant physical labor, although since his stamina has never been put to test it is unknown exactly how high it is.

Standard equipment: None normally.

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