Origins: Blame!

Classification: Modified human(cybernetic enhancements)

Threat level: Maoh-

Physical strength: At least wall+

Destructive capacity: At least country+ potency, likely much higher (the real reaches of his gun have never been shown but are far above whats demonstrated on-panel)

  • The country level feats of Killy's gun have all been shots with considerably low outputs of power, it can be drastically charged further which greatly increases its power output

Durability: City+

Speed: Superhuman+, at least relativistic+ reactions and trigger speed

Intelligence: Genius. After his cybernetic modifications its no exageration to say that Killy's brain is effectively a computer. Also has thousands of years of battle experience (although it is not known exactly how constant his fights have been during that period of time)

Stamina: High. Can fight even in conditions where the body would have a mortal wound by normal human standards and can fight effectively even after going days without eating, possibly even months.

Standard equipment: Gravity pulse gun and basically his entire body which is equipped with multiple cybernetic enhancements

  • It is worth noting that Killy's destructive capacity is based completely on his gun, without he is only around wall+ to small building level

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