Origins: God of Highschool

Classification: Monkey king (reincarnation)

Threat level: God+

Physical strength: At least large planet+ (his blows can do planet wide damage)

Destructive capacity: At least large planet+ (can compete with King whom could move multiple planets at once to attack)

Durability: At least large planet+ (survived King throwing planets at him)

Speed: At least faster than light (his staff extended from the moon to the earth before an angel a few meters away from Jin could land his blow)

Intelligence: Average. Usually portrayed as not thinking too much, however he was once a capable ruler and is a battle genius with thousands of years of experience.

Stamina: High. Could fight for days straight, can continue fighting even if he takes damage that should kill a normal human.

Stadard equipment: His extendable staff which can at least extend about 400,000 kilometers.

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