Origins: Adventures with Iczer-3! (Iczer Reborn)

Classification: Alien, Chtuwulf, Iczer

Threat level: Quasar

Physical strength: Likely planet+ (Comparable to Iczer-1)

Destructive capacity: Multi solar system+ (Comparable to Iczer-1, although Neos Gold was likely not at full power, it was Iczer-3 who finally beat her)

Durability: Multi solar system+ (Survived the destruction of Neos Gold's mecha, comparable to Iczer-1)

Speed: Massively faster than lightX (Usually used for travel and not in combat however, Implied to be comparable to Iczer-1)

Intelligence: Average. Childish and inexperienced so her combat tactics are somewhat lacking, but she does have above average capacity in combat naturally tho.

Stamina: High. Although her showings in this regard arent too impressive it is worth noting that she was the first one to get up in the final fight vs Neos Gold and managed to finish her off)

Standard equipment: None, although she can form an energy sword at will or call Iczer Robo at will