Origins: RAVE

Classification: Human, Rave master

Threat level: Maoh

Physical strength: At least island+ striking (Far stronger than Gale and King who shook the horizon with there clash or than mid series Lucia who split a mountain in half with a swing of his sword)

Destructive capacity: At least country (easily stronger than Megido who stated himself being capable of destroying a country with his strongest attack)

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (4 digits, faster than Megido who dodged a laser that crossed about 1/5th of the planet in an instant)

Intelligence: Average. However is an experienced and crafty fighter.

Stamina: Extremely high. Has been capable of fighting even after every wound suffered in his life was reopened on top of already having had a long fight prior to that.

Standard equipment: The ten commandments (his sword)

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