Origins: The Gamer

Classification: Human

Threat level: Tiger+

Physical strength: Superhuman+

Destructive capacity: City block (easily destroyed several large building sized golems, although an attack of this scale cost him half of his mana. Has considerably improved since.)

Durability: Building+, large building+ with mana shield

Speed: At least faster than the eye+, massively hypersonic+ projectiles (likely faster, lightning spells where factually described as being near the speed of light)

Intelligence: High. His intelligence has been boosted far above normal, likely around genius level at this point. Furthermore his abilities allow him to analyze and gain a certain amount of knowledge of anything simply by wishing to do so.

Stamina: High. Can keep on using his passive abilities indefinetely since his mana regenerates faster than all his passive abilities put together waste it. With regular use he can keep on fighting for a prolonged amount of time, his body can withstand hours of continuous physical exhaustion and also recovers rapidly from it.

Standard equipment: Metal bat and several other items he keeps in an inventory which he can access at will.