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Ok, first of hello, THIS IS THE LINK TO THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE TOP: Now, ill start with my rant but make it small so u read mainly the important parts, if u are a DBZtard, Narutard, Alutard or any kind of fanboy in general, this video is not for you, this vid took me a lot of work to do, it was done the best possible based on facts, feats, statements, and etc., therefore this video contains some series not too well known, but that have indeed earned there place

Ok, now i will proceed to mention the rules, and special cases:

-No mechas -The characters are ranked upon the strength they have shown in there prime, however there are some special exceptions -Only 1 character per serie, as each serie only has 1 main protagonist, some exceptions do apply -Some of this series are ongoing, this list is therefore bound to change, this list is ranking up to the date of 6 of july of 2011

now, here are the special cases:

-In order to avoid disputes between the canonicity of the DB anime, goku is ranked in 2 versions: original and anime (aka GT goku) the canon version of goku is ranked as he was during kid buu saga, the anime version was ranked as he was in the final episode of GT

-The version of alucard taken into account is pre-schrodinger, basically put as how he was when he fought helenas nail anderson

-Harukas dragon torque speculatively has a speed limit, however if this were to be wrong she should be ranked as #2,

-The standard equipment taken into account for kurono is the normal gantz gun, and the super weapon (H gun)

-Zatch is counted with the powers granted by the golden book

-Souichiro nagi is counted with all the powers shown he had obtained, the only exception being souhakus as it was never truly his

-Date masamune and sanada yukimura... the reason both of them are mentioned is due to it being extremely hard distinguishing who is the main protagonist between them, either way, they would still be ranked in the same spot as they were not ranked as a tag team, but as individuals

-Aang is not an anime character, he entered as a special exception

-Tsuna was the only char not ranked with current feats, he is ranked as he was up till chapter 250

The soundtracks used in order are: One winged angel (sephiroth choir) from final fantasy 7 Perfect cell theme by bruce faulconer Buu is fighting by bruce faulconer Awe of she (Dizzys theme) from guilty gear x

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