Origins: Bastard!!

Classification: Adam(of darkness), Wizard

Threat level: Big Bang

Physical strength: At least planet+, likely much higher (should already be around planet+ as Majin, Dragon Knight Lucifer is much stronger and Adam of Darkness form likely is as well)

Destructive capacity: At least galaxy+, likely universe (his galaxy level claims and scaling where in his Majin form, in Dragon Knight Lucifer the power hed use was described as "a body of light which would shake the foundations of the universe!". Furthermore, a clash of power between him and Uriel broke the dimensional walls of hell whom Abigail stated would requiere force roughly on par with the big bang to force open and he was compared to the Christian God in his Adam of Darkness form)

Durability: At least galaxy+ (lower than his destructive capacity, but has hundreds of barriers on top of his own durability and godly regeneration as long as at least 1 of his eternal atoms is still existant)

Speed: Massively faster than light+ (is easily millions of times faster than light)

  • Is only 99% of lightspeed in movement while in Dragon Knight Lucifer, but his attack speed and reactions are likely still massively faster than light.

Intelligence: Genius. Although egocentric, he is extremely smart and knowledgeable, easily a genius. Also an extremely skilled fighter and a battle genius.

Stamina: High. Has shown no real limit to how long he can keep fighting and has fought even with about 2/3rd's of his body being destroyed. With Majin form he doesnt have to worry about this since he has godly regeneration but it exerts pressure on his soul, and using Dragon Knight Lucifer he can also only last a few minutes since it exerts even greater pressure on his soul.

Standard equipment: None usually, in Adam of Darkness form hes actually nude. Dragon Knight Lucifer is a mecha which he can summon at will, but he no longer disposes of it in Adam of Darkness form.