Origins: Aim For The Top! 2: DieBuster

Classification: Buster machine

Threat level: Nova+

  • It is impossible to fully accurately quantify Nono's capacity as her best feats are produced by impossible interactions with a black hole, so this profile provides a minimalistic value of what she is capable of

Physical strength: At least solar system+ (Her DieBuster could stop the Earth moving at relativistic speeds, her Double Inazuma kick with Dix'Neuf destroyed the event horizon of the Excelio Variable Gravity Well's black hole)

Destructive capacity: At least star+

Durability: At least solar system+

Speed: Speed of Light (about 98.9% of the speed of light to be exact)

Intelligence: Very high. As a machine she is basically a computer in capacity.

Stamina: High

Standard equipment: None notable, although she can summon space monsters and use them to form DieBuster