Origins: Samurai Deeper Kyo

Classification: Human, Mibu

Threat level: Maoh

Physical strength: Hill+ striking

Destructive capacity: Mountain+ (Former Crimson King in base made a hole on the Red Tower which extends nearly out to space solely with his will/aura. End of series Kyo is easily stronger than full power FCK)

Durability: Mountain+ (Can more or less take what he can dish out)

Speed: Faster than light (although labeled hyperbole by most forums, there are plenty feats which debatably pit SDK top tiers this high and the amount of characters whom mention/confirm this speeds makes it too much to ignore it)

Intelligence: Genius. A prodigy in all aspects amongst the Mibu, a clan of superhumans which ruled the world from the shadows, also an experienced fighter.

Stamina: High, can continue fighting even with wounds that would normally kill a person.

Standard equipment: Great demon sword Tenrou

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